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Quality Custom Lanyards, Designed, Manufactured and Delivered.


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Whether you’re looking for promotional lanyards to complement your company or event’s range of marketing tools, or simply an attractive, fashionable addition to your brand’s line of products, Lanyard Australia is the only company you ever need deal with.

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What are lanyards used for?

Custom lanyards are the perfect promotional tool for a business looking to develop its brand recognition. Unlike many other types of promotional tools, lanyards have a lasting impact, as people tend to use them on a daily basis as keychains and ID badge holders.

They serve a variety of purposes; most commonly, they are used to support an item of equipment that is hung around the neck. Referees and lifeguards use them to hang whistles, rock climbers use them to support carabiners, and corporate employees use them to hang ID badges from, allowing them to be easily identified as representatives of their company at expositions.



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