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Chevrolet Lanyards

December 8, 2013 General Content Leave a comment

Working with large corporation such as Chevrolet is always a proof on how relaiable www.lanyardAustralia is:

chevrolet lanyards

With more than 11 years of experience, respect of deadlines and ethical behavior towards our customers from individual to large corporation as Chevrolet made us the ultimate partners for custom lanyards in Australia and all around the world.

How to make your event successful with custom lanyrds?

November 8, 2013 General Content Leave a comment

Having a party is a great opportunity to expand your client base. Unfortunately, hosting a corporate party or event can be very overwhelming especially when there are hundreds or thousands of attendees. If you want to be the perfect host, you need to ensure that the celebration will make everybody happy including yourself. With early planning and using custom lanyards, you can have an event which will definitely be the talk of the year.

lanyards for event
If you don’t have any clue on event planning, you will realize the importance of using custom printed lanyards. Since they are very versatile in any situation, you can use them even there isn’t an event or celebration. In fact, you can use them during normal business operations.

When hosting an event, you can have your personalized lanyards printed with your organization’s name. You can also place important information on it such as telephone number or website. These lanyards can be used as giveaways or souvenirs. Remember, people love free items that they can actually use in their daily lives.

company lanyards

If you have another giveaway in mind, you can always use lanyards for identification purposes. Since they can hold business IDs, attendees can determine your company even at a glance. You can also help build your organization’s reputation as true professionals. In fact, utilizing lanyards can help attendees determine that you are very serious with hosting the event.
Of course, lanyards are also perfect holder of IDs and other items. If you are promoting a product, you can use the lanyards to hold them! This way you don’t need to worry about losing them. You can roam the function room and have attendees try the new product.

Custom lanyards can be fully personalized to your requirements. Some can feature a clip which can hold your ID card. You can also have a pen attached at the clip to make taking down notes easier and more convenient for you and your potential client. You can also match the design of the lanyards to the event’s theme. You can choose the color or style and find the best design for the event.

If the event is a huge convention, you can have your employees wear customized lanyards. This way people can immediately know your company. They can come up to you or your staff and ask more information about your services or products. They don’t need to roam around the event hall or ask around just to find you!
When hosting an event whether corporate event or personal celebrations like birthday parties and weddings, personalized lanyards can be very important to the success of your event. This is because lanyards can help individuals recognize you or your staff even at a far. Plus, it is a great giveaway which can also be used as an advertisement for your business. Most importantly, you can guarantee that potential clients can be comfortable knowing that they are in a well-planned event. If you need customized lanyards for your event, you should contact us today. Our lanyards are very affordable especially when you buy in bulk. Send us an email today! You can also give us a call as our telephone line is always available 24/7.

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