Cheap Custom Lanyards

In need of cheap lanyards for your school, sport event or coporatw event? Lanyard Australia offers the cheapest custom lanyards available across Australia whether your are located in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

There is numerous reason that makes us your partner of choice:

  1. We are on of the leading manufacturer of custom lanyards
  2. We produce all our lanyard orders in China
  3. We offer top quality services as we have been in business for more than 10 years.

In addition to inexpensive lanyard costs we also provide the largest range of customised lanyards including:

  • woven lanyards
  • printed lanyards
  • zipper lanyards
  • rhinestone lanyards
  • round lanyard
  • glowing lanyards and many more.

printed lanyard

If you are still not convinced that we are your partner of choice, here is how we serve and how our customer can reach us:

  1. by email
  2. by phone: 041 593 3426
  3. via online chat

We also understand that not everybody has the capacity to come up with a super fashion or trendy design for their personalised lanyards. For this reason, at Lanyard Australia, we offer an in-house design service to help you create a perfect good looking custom lanyard design.

 lanyard artwork design

Contact us today to get your order started.

Need help with you order? Contact us now at:

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