Custom Lanyards History

Custom lanyards can be seen almost anywhere. You can see it in schools, hospitals, police stations, government facilities and banks. Anywhere you turn, lanyards are part of everyday lives of so many individuals in different societies. But, did you know that before this handy accessory became widely used as ID and gadget holder, it was used as a knife holder? Here is a brief but rich history of lanyards:

Where the word lanyard came from

You may be familiar with the term lanyard. But, centuries ago it wasn’t called that way. Lanyard was once called laniere, a French term which when translated means strap. Although the French gave the name, they didn’t create the lanyards. In fact, history records reveal that lanyards were not introduced during the 14th century. Amazingly, they were already utilized when huge wooden boats and ships ruled the waters.

Maritime use of lanyards

If you think controlling modern ships very difficult, imagine what would it be like maneuvering a huge wooden vessel without any help from a radar or any high-tech machinery. Even sailors before the 14th century had difficulties. Many of them have fallen down the rigs because they were holding different tools on their hands. So to make their lives a little bit less risky, they gathered left over ropes, tied their swords or whistles and worn it around their neck.

19th century use

During the 19th century, many individuals realized the benefit of using lanyards. In fact, many of them utilized lanyards for holding their weapons specifically knives. However, the lanyard was not out in the open. It was concealed usually underneath a coat. Although from on-sight it is undetected, it can still be easily reached. In fact, you can easily draw your weapon and be prepared to fight your enemies.

Military use

The military also benefited from lanyards except this time they used lanyards for holding pistols and other small and handheld weaponries. In fact, lanyards were used during World War II by the British and Americans. Later on, lanyards became a decorative piece. It is stitched in military uniforms to denote the military rank of a soldier. When it was used as a decoration, it was only a simple rope. Over the years, the simple lanyard became braided, featuring different color or shades.

Lineman lanyards

Besides from holding weapons, lanyards also became very efficient for mountain climbers. Called as lineman lanyard, this type of lanyard is made from a very strong material so that it can carry a weight of an individual, preventing death from falling.

You may use lanyards to hold your student ID or gadget. But, centuries ago, it was a handy accessory to hold knives and pistols. If you need high quality but affordable lanyards, you should only have Customized Lanyards work on your order. Our skilled team of professional lanyard makers is skilled to manufacture personalized lanyards for your school. We only use top quality lanyard finishes to ensure that we satisfy your expectations. Why not contact us today and get your free lanyard quote now!

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